Sawmill Interfaith Community Care
Smoky Row Brethren Church is a founding member of the Sawmill Interfaith Community Care group. Being a part of this coalition has been an incredible blessing to us, largely because it’s been such a blessing to our neighbors.
Whether it’s gathering together to help make the Smoky Row Food Pantry happen, supporting our neighbors in need through school-break meals, and food access programming,  providing oil changes at no charge, or just getting the word out about relevant programs that many of us offer to the community, SICC is a gift to us.
We want to thank all those partners that make the Sawmill Interfaith Community Care group a successful provider of care for the Smoky Row-Sawmill Corridor. We’re particularly grateful for Worthington Schools’ Brookside Elementary and all the ways they act as a hub for our community.
Here’s a snapshot of the Sawmill Interfaith Community Care group:
Mission Statement:
We are a partnership of local churches, schools, neighborhood businesses, and social service agencies committed to the health and welfare of those living in the Smoky Row-Sawmill Corridor of Northwest Columbus. We believe that collectively we can better provide for the needs of those living around us.
Our Work:
We emphasize…
  • Local Schools. We partner to address the needs of students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Mercy Ministries.” We meet immediate needs for food, shelter, and other poverty- related hardships through emergency assistance, while seeking to empower and equip those in need to better their life situations.
  • Systemic Concerns. We learn about generational and situational poverty and community-transformation processes.
Our Values:
We value…
  • Collegiality as we work together to strengthen our impact.
  • Maximizing our energies toward collaboration and not duplication.
  • Faithfulness in our interactions with one another and our neighbors.
SICC serves an interesting part of Northwest Columbus, where many local municipalities bump into one another. Our hope is that we can make sure no neighbor gets forgotten as these places cross paths:

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