• Cutting Room Floor: Rules & Consequences – In The Christian Life

    Rules aren’t Bad, they just aren’t good enough. Rules are good: Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law, he says–end all the rules–he came, he tells us, to fulfill them: To show people a way of life that actually fulfills the law. By fulfilling it, he models for us how

  • No Room in the What? By Ben Witherinton III

    Mary and Joseph weren’t trying to check into a hotel—they were staying with relatives. I am here to tamper with a masterpiece, or better said, to share with you a rather different reading of Luke 2:1-7, one solidly grounded in the facts, but nowhere represented in Christmas carols and pageants.

  • Update from General Conference

    From: PAULA STRICKLAND Dear pastors and leaders,We have had a great summer and are now following up with you to help you and your congregations find the resources needed to understand how things are progressing in The Brethren Church. At the 2016 General Conference, we had three significant conversations that are changing

  • Cutting Room Floor: Transition, Sending & Posture

    Transition: Take Away: It’s a weird scene. Jesus is walking, two blind men call out for healing. They call him “Son of David,” a Messianic title, a special title that only ought to be used for the long-awaited Messiah who would make good on God’s promises to his People. All

  • Welcome!

    The world’s first website went live in August of 1991. The world had to wait almost 25 years until Smoky Row’s new website launched…but it was totally worth it. At least I think so. Seriously, though: Explore around. Read through our Core Values, check out some of the Sermon Series

  • Cutting Room Floor: Troubling?

    There is a theological problem here, of course, or at least something to discuss, because the devil says that all this has been given to him, and he can do what he pleases with it. What’s up with this, right? Did God give the devil power over all these regions and their rights