Prophetic Multiculturalism
We desire to be a community marked by healthy, integrative multiculturalism. This is a prophetic commitment, which looks to the future when those “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and tongues” give praise to God (Rev 7:9).
This commitment to a multicultural expression of the Church has led Smoky Row through many different ministries, outreach events, and gatherings, but has especially resulted in a desire to see both English and Spanish-speakers brought together into a Christ-centered community. We host Calvary Korean Presbyterian Church, and anytime you swing by you may hear a language that isn’t your own spoken in the halls.
Our Pastor-to-Latinos, Rudy Bocanegra, serves our Spanish-speaking population and is also a guiding member of Red Pastoral De Ohio, a Latino-centered ministerial association. (La Red Pastoral de Ohio es un equipo ministerial de lideres del reino de Dios comprometidos a promover la unidad y empoderar a la pastoral de Ohio.) Many of our ministries have a multicultural component to them, and we’re actively trying to deepen this part of our life.

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