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About Us

We’re people from all sorts of seasons in life, doing our best to live up to our motto: “…becoming more like Jesus all the time…” We’re a small group, but growing, and big enough to get done what God’s asking of us right now—whether that’s caring for ourselves through spiritual formation and sharing life together, or serving others through the efforts of the Sawmill Interfaith Community Care group and the Smoky Row Food Pantry, or simply being a gathering place for local groups and neighbors.
We’re also taking seriously the vision of what worship will be like on the other side of Jesus’ return, when “all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues” worship God together. One way we do this is by bringing together both Spanish and English speakers into our larger Smoky Row community. We want to overcome the things that divide us as people, and  strive to live up to the great truth “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
More could be said about all these things, of course. Check out our Core Values for more detailed information about who we are. Or reach out if you have questions; you can email us here.

Our Pastors

Pastor Jeff Whiteside

Our Worship Pastor, Jeff Whiteside, has served in multiple ministries at Smoky Row for many years. He is a middle school social studies teacher in…

Pastor Brenda Colijn is a professor at Ashland Theological Seminary and author of the book Images of Salvation in the New Testament. She finds research and teaching…

Our Senior Pastor, Rich Hagopian, has an MDiv from Ashland Theological Seminary, and graduated with his Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree in 2019….

Pastor Rudy Bocanegra

Our Associate Pastor, Rudy Bocanegra, has served Smoky Row for many years in many ways, and helps…

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