• September 20th Announcements

    From Our Treasurer Report: “Giving [through] August was under the budgeted amount by $2,554; $3,906 below budgeted giving year-to-date. Rental income totaled $13,800 year-to-date…Expenses in August were over budget by $794. This gives us a current budget deficit of $2,922 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $8,531.” Thank

  • September 13th Announcements

    September is a big month for Smoky Row. Gather outdoors with us from 8-12 on the 19th & 26th to revamp the Community Garden area, create a fire-pit, set-up rain barrels, and beautify our beloved-by-the-community place! Spirit of Love, West Side Assembly, and AA are all using our Worship Area

  • August 30th Announcements

    If you want the new issue of “Our Daily Bread,” let Rich know and he’ll deliver it. When’s the last time you checked out Smoky Row’s Facebook or Website? Visit them sometime. Both are public, and full of great information, including the (sometimes hard to follow) Revelation message series. Last

  • August 23rd Announcements

    Tonight at 6pm we’ll have a brown-bag dinner at the Community Garden! Bring a chair if you can; we’ll have extras if you can’t. No RSVP necessary. COVID fatigue is real; crises on top of crises are happening. Keep an eye on your soul. Reach out to Rich for mental

  • August 16th Announcements

    It’s not too late to join the Smoky Row Zoom Book Club. We’ll be reading “Paul For Everyone: The Pastoral Letters” together and discussing Tuesdays at 12. Need more info? Need a book? Talk with Rich. Are you feeling isolated? Frustrated? Confused? Please reach out to Rich or someone who

  • August 9th Announcements

    Please RSVP to the August 13 @ 8:30p Quiet Outdoor Service @ the Smoky Row Building if you’re interested in participating. Thanks! We distributed over 100 bags of school supplies to families this past weekend. Thank you for all your donations! Are you a teacher? Parent or caretaker of a

  • July 26th Announcements & Events

    Smoky Row’s delegates participated in yesterday’s General Conference over Zoom. Thanks to those who represented us! Rich will be unavailable Mon-Wed this week outside of emergencies. Upcoming RSVP Opportunities: Tonight: Brown Bag Outdoor Meal @ 6p Community Garden August 4: 6:30a Quiet Outdoor Service @ Smoky Row Building August 13:

  • July 19th Announcements & Events

    Are you interested in being a part of a Smoky Row Zoom Book Club? Please let Rich know; Planning is happening now… Revelation Messages are posted online, and include some bonus content, too. Check them out. Did you get a copy of “The Grapevine,” the scripture memorization tool that Jeff

  • The Grapevine

    Grapes grow in clusters on vines. Jesus wants his followers to know that like grapes, Christians grow in churches that are connected to him through the Holy Spirit. Previous experience with vineyards are not necessary to understand the illustration as John records the story: John 15:5 “I am the vine;

  • July 12th Announcements

    Thank you to those who were able to take part in last week’s Congregational Meeting. Again, we will not gather for regular in-person worship until a vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed, tested, and distributed, or infection in Central Ohio has basically ended. Do you have friends, neighbors, or relatives