• July 25th Announcements

    Smoky Row is going to host another Recovery Group on the third Tuesday of every month. You’re giving space to four communities of people seeking freedom from their addictions. Thank God for that! Good with a hedge trimmer? Enjoy standing on a stepladder? Reach out to Rich for an exciting

  • July 18th Announcements

    From Our Treasurer’s Report (available by email or in the lobby): “The reports this month through June 2021. Giving in May and June was a total of $6,304 and $179 over the budgeted amount, respectively….Expenses in May and June were $224 and $1,489 under budget, respectively. This gives us a

  • July 11th Announcements

    Pray for us as we continue to sharpen our hybrid service! Pray that all of us can take a posture of patience AND gratitude as we move forward. We’ll be updating all sorts of stuff over the next few weeks: Bulletin Boards, Birthday & Anniversary Lists, our Directory, and more.

  • Core Values: A Decade On (Preaching Map)

    Our Core Values July 11: Introduction: On A Philosophy of Ministry Theme: Knowing Oneself Texts: Psalm 139 July 18: Core Value: Prophetic Multiculturalism Theme: Church (as body w/ many parts), Unity Texts: Col 3:5-17 Alts/Possible Readings=Rev 7:9-10; 1 Cor 12:12-14; Eph 4:1-6 July 25: Core Value: Kingdom-Building Stewardship Theme: God’s

  • June 27th Announcements

    If you’ve yet to review our In-Person Gathering guidelines, please email Rich to get a copy. Pray for our final preparations to meet next week! Book Club is on hold until July 6. As COVID guidance invites looser restrictions around us, how are you feeling? Secure? Anxious? Doubtful? What do

  • June 20th Announcements

    Rich is away until June 27th. If you have needs, please reach out to any of our pastors (Jeff, Brenda, or Rudy) or any Governance Team member that you think might be able to help. When did you last spend time focusing on the Book of Deuteronomy? Join our Adult

  • Update on Return to In-Person Gatherings

    Smoky Row Brethren Church: Return To In-Person Gatherings Guidelines For Adult Education and Worship Service Sunday, July 4th, 2021 will mark Smoky Row’s formal return to in-person Sunday gatherings. To do this in a way that ensures the health and safety of all those in attendance, we’re asking that the

  • May 30th Announcements

    Do you need a June “Our Daily Bread?” Let Rich know! Our new roof has been installed and it looks fantastic! The work, done by Bone Dry Roofing, went quickly and they thank us for choosing them. Thank YOU for your generosity in making this happen! To the joy of

  • May 23rd Announcements

    Our new roof is being installed through Wednesday! Thanks to all who have been able to pledge or donate to the roof fund. This is such a huge deal from a stewardship AND ministry perspective. Camp Bethany has shared their 2021 Camping policies. Check them out at www.campbethany.org. From our Treasurer

  • May 16th Announcements

    Do you have items for Governance Team to discuss this week? Please let Rich or Brenda know! We’ve just begun our Adult Education walk through Deuteronomy. Join us! Thank you again for your impressive generosity toward our roof replacement! Once we learn when we’ll be scheduled for this, we’ll let