• November 15th Announcements

    There aren’t many non-utilized moments in our church building. Those who are using the space are distancing and disinfecting. (Think of it: We  now host four AA groups, three churches, two open Pantry times…and one amazing Lord overlooks it all.) Today is our Bread and Cup Communion! If you need

  • November 1st Announcements

    Smoky Row! We’ll be taking Communion together during our November 15th service. Please plan on having bread and juice available and handy at the start of our time. (If you can’t arrange this, let Rich know so it can be delivered; he’ll be honored to do so.) Did you miss

  • October 25th Announcements

    Did you know that Smoky Row is part of the North Central Region of The Brethren Church, and is served by the North Central Regional Leadership Team, which has included over time Brenda Colijn, Tracy Whiteside, and Rich Hagopian? Interested in serving, too? Let Rich or Brenda know. A special

  • October 18th Announcements

    FYI: Today’s denominational day of fasting and prayer effort has been put on hold in order to be sensitive to the needs of some international Brethren partners. Closer to home, The North Central Region (which is basically Ohio) is hosting a town hall-style gathering on November 2nd at 6:30 pm.

  • Jeremiah Preaching Map

    October 18: Introduction  Text: 1:1-3; Theme: Introduction to Jeremiah October 25:  Text: 1:4-19; Theme: “Trust & Obey” November 1: Pre-Election Sunday  Text: 2:1-4:4; Theme: Repentance November 8: Post-Election Sunday  Text: TBD 4:5-6:30: Sin & Judgment I/II; Theme: Judgment Day & Salvation November 15: Text: TBD 4:5-6:30: Sin & Judgment II/II;

  • October 11th Announcements

    Tonight at 6:00pm! Brown-bag Dinner at the new Fire Ring! See you there. Rejoice! The Byron Saunders Foundation was able to donate 75 boxes of food and 75 gift cards for our Thanksgiving distribution this year. Do you have old shoes? Donate these to Discover Christian Church to be either

  • October 4th Announcements

    The Brethren Church is calling all members to prayer and fasting on Sunday, October 18. Join with Brethren from India, South America, Spain, the United States, and Canada, lifting high the name of Jesus, praying for continued deliverance and relief from COVID-19, as well as a call to repentance and

  • September 27th Announcements

    Did you get a copy of the Treasurer Report? Need one? Email Rich or Lisa and we’ll forward one to you! As we enter into Autumn weather, consider what needs you or your neighbors are facing. How can Smoky Row support you or support you as you support your neighbors?

  • September 20th Announcements

    From Our Treasurer Report: “Giving [through] August was under the budgeted amount by $2,554; $3,906 below budgeted giving year-to-date. Rental income totaled $13,800 year-to-date…Expenses in August were over budget by $794. This gives us a current budget deficit of $2,922 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $8,531.” Thank

  • September 13th Announcements

    September is a big month for Smoky Row. Gather outdoors with us from 8-12 on the 19th & 26th to revamp the Community Garden area, create a fire-pit, set-up rain barrels, and beautify our beloved-by-the-community place! Spirit of Love, West Side Assembly, and AA are all using our Worship Area