• February 7th Announcements

    If you don’t receive a Giving Statement very soon (by the middle of the month, certainly) please let Lisa Juday know! Continue to thank God for the amazing generosity that helped carry us through 2020. Zoom Book Club starts Tuesday! Join us! Want a book but can’t make it? That’s

  • January 31st Announcements

    Be on the lookout for 2020 Giving Statements! Did you hear the news about our wonderful 2020 final Treasurer Report? If not, or if you want a copy, reach out to Rich. We have moved forward with moving $7,000 from our General Fund to our Roof Replacement Fund. Some Bullet-Point

  • January 3rd Announcements

    The New Year” is an opportunity to make choices about how you’ll live differently. In what ways can you make Christian Resolutions this year? From Anna: “We gave out Holiday food plus the regular food to 221 families for Christmas, gifts/toys to 455 children—most of them got 2-3. Linworth UMC

  • December 13th Announcements

    Friends! Thank you for your generous donations to the Angel Tree efforts. We’ve actually had over $850 donated! (Praise God for this!) Please stick around immediately after today’s service to talk through and approve or adjust-and-approve our 2021 Draft Budget. Rich will move forward with suggesting John Swope, Jeanne Hlas

  • December 6th Announcements

    We are definitely collecting financial donations for the Angel Tree–well, its 2020 version–this year. Toys have been donated from last year’s Firefighters For Kids, through a massive collection in Powell, but more new toys are definitely still needed. We served roughly 270 households with special Thanksgiving meals, and have distributed

  • November 15th Announcements

    There aren’t many non-utilized moments in our church building. Those who are using the space are distancing and disinfecting. (Think of it: We  now host four AA groups, three churches, two open Pantry times…and one amazing Lord overlooks it all.) Today is our Bread and Cup Communion! If you need

  • November 1st Announcements

    Smoky Row! We’ll be taking Communion together during our November 15th service. Please plan on having bread and juice available and handy at the start of our time. (If you can’t arrange this, let Rich know so it can be delivered; he’ll be honored to do so.) Did you miss

  • October 25th Announcements

    Did you know that Smoky Row is part of the North Central Region of The Brethren Church, and is served by the North Central Regional Leadership Team, which has included over time Brenda Colijn, Tracy Whiteside, and Rich Hagopian? Interested in serving, too? Let Rich or Brenda know. A special

  • October 18th Announcements

    FYI: Today’s denominational day of fasting and prayer effort has been put on hold in order to be sensitive to the needs of some international Brethren partners. Closer to home, The North Central Region (which is basically Ohio) is hosting a town hall-style gathering on November 2nd at 6:30 pm.

  • Jeremiah Preaching Map

    October 18: Introduction  Text: 1:1-3; Theme: Introduction to Jeremiah October 25:  Text: 1:4-19; Theme: “Trust & Obey” November 1: Pre-Election Sunday  Text: 2:1-4:4; Theme: Repentance November 8: Post-Election Sunday  Text: TBD 4:5-6:30: Sin & Judgment I/II; Theme: Judgment Day & Salvation November 15: Text: TBD 4:5-6:30: Sin & Judgment II/II;