What’s a Smoky Row “Life Group?”

  • A time to share life together with other Christians!
  • A time where the majority of what we do is love one another (as opposed to, say, a class—where most of what we do is learn, or a ministry team—where most of what we do is work)!
  • An easy, low-expectation time, hosted at a person’s home, where you can pray, go deeper in a topic than Sunday morning allows, and make some friends!
  • Life Groups typically last about an hour and a half.

Where & When do they meet?

  • Wednesdays @ 10:00am at Smoky Row Brethren Church.
  • Wednesdays @ 7:30pm at the Judays’.
Do you wish there were a Life Group you could attend, but Sundays & Wednesdays are just packed too full? Do you have other questions about what a Life Group is like in practice? Let’s talk! Contact Us or check out our Calendar for more information.

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