Empowering Servant Leadership
Leadership at Smoky Row is based on calling & the gifting of the Holy Spirit.
We believe that leadership should be both empowered (by God and by one another) and empowering (by equipping and releasing one another to minister). Following Jesus’ example, leaders at Smoky Row consider themselves servants of both God and the people around them.
Our congregation is largely lay-led, team-based, and egalitarian—qualities that shine through when our Governance Team gathers together. Smoky Row also operates through the difficult—but worthwhile—process of consensus when it comes to making congregational decisions. Our leaders recognize that they’re called to serve those they lead, and seek to pass on their skills to the next generation of leaders whenever they’re able.
Our pastoral team consists of our Senior Pastor, Rich Hagopian, our Pastor-to-Latinos, Rudy Bocanegra, our Worship Pastor, Jeff Whiteside, Pastor Brenda Colijn, and other gifted individuals that Smoky Row has called to pastoral ministry.

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