Congregational Life
We’re not a big congregation…but we’re a great one. At least we’re trying to be. For us that means trying to rely more and more on God so that we can become more and more like Jesus for each other (and for our neighbors, too). We like each other, even though some of us are so, so different! What we’ve discovered is just how much God uses people like and unlike us to shape our hearts. We’ve learned how to share life together in a way that affirms the simple truth that God made us, loves us completely, and wants us to love each other. We’re trying to be a place where we have permission to disagree about important things and still hang out as good friends at the end of day; where we make decisions as a group, even when they’re hard ones to make; and where we celebrate each other’s faithfulness, even as we walk together in our grief.
Our size means we’re a really involved group, and there are opportunities to serve our neighbors and each other in all sorts of ways. Our families are growing, and particularly if you’ve got young kids, you’ll find there’s a lot of potential friends for them. Visit us some Sunday morning. Stick around for awhile, so you can really get a sense of what our life together is like.
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