We’re deeply committed to our neighbors and our neighborhood!

Whether it’s hosting the Smoky Row Food Pantry, the Smoky Row Community Garden, and the Brookside Free Clinic, helping facilitate the Sawmill Interfaith Community Care gathering, or providing gifts, food, and advocacy for our neighbors, we’re doing all we can to be always better at showing others how much God loves them in practical, helpful, humanizing ways. We want to speak up for our part of Columbus, stand against suburban poverty and the messes it can cause, and help shine light in those places around us where darkness hides. We’re blessed to host the Capriccio Vocal Ensemble, the Sedona Grace Foundation, Calvary Korean Church, Alcoholics Anonymous, and various other groups that use our building and grounds. Come play on the playground some afternoon, or play fetch with your pup in the evening on our grounds. Feel free to use our dumpster. Lost your room somewhere and need a space to gather at short notice? Let us know how we can help you!
Curious about the challenges facing our community, or have ideas about ways we can better care for each other in this part of town? Contact us!

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