December 19th Announcements

  • If you have urgent prayer requests please let Rudy or Jeff know after December 26th! (Need a Directory? Email Rich ASAP!)
  • Thanks to those who have worked so hard in our Community Garden and Grounds the past month–from fence-raising and gate-building to tree-planting and tree-cage-building, you’re creating a legacy of blessing for not just our community, but our shared Creation!
  • As we consider the end of the tax year, it’s wise to consider your giving to not only Smoky Row, but other wonderful organizations who have need during the pandemic. Reflect on this!
  • Continue to pray for our Pastoral Search Team.
  • Thanks to all who took part in our Congregational Budget Meeting last week. If you need another copy of our 2022 budget, let Rich or Lisa know.
  • Upcoming Dates:
      • Dec 24: Our Christmas Eve Service @ 7p!
      • Dec 25: Christmas Day. Do you have what you need? Let Rich know if there’s something missing that would help you remember this important day.
      • Dec 26: No Adult Ed; Rich’s last Sunday as our Senior Pastor.

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