November 14th Announcements

  • Thank you so much for your amazing, hole-y work yesterday! We, along with F.L.O.W. volunteers, planted DOZENS of trees! What a great gift and a great way to declare our care for creation and our hope for the future!
  • Have you been able to purchase books for our Christmas Food Pantry efforts? Do you need these picked up? Please let Rich know! These should range from K-12. We’ll be collecting until the 24th.
  • We Host Five 12-step groups. Three Congregations. A Community Garden. Two Food Pantries. Civic Associations. Scouts. Regular old “Can we use this?” calls. Thank you.
  • The Pastoral Search Team has distributed our congregational and community profile to our three current candidates. We’ve asked them for a resume, profile, and sermon link. We should start hearing from them soon.
  • Important Upcoming Dates:
    • November 16: 7:30p “Jesus & John Wayne” Book Discussion. RSVP w/ Rich!
    • November 18: Governance Team Budget Meeting 7-9. Input? Email Rich or Lisa J.!
    • November 21: Byron Saunders Foundation Thanksgiving Donation Pick-up @ 12:30p.

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