November 7th Announcements & Events

  • Did you notice anything missing or incorrect in the directory draft? Please let rich know if you did! Didn’t get it? This will be emailed in today’s Prayer Email.
  • This year we’ve had painting done, put on a new roof, re-floored the Pantry, installed state-of-the-art AV equipment, and are on our way to finishing up a HUGE garden fence and planting over 100 trees. This is in addition to all the little fixes and replacements that happen throughout the year! Take a moment to thank God that you’re helping provide such a wonderful place to so many people who need it. Thank you.
  • Smoky Row is going to start hosting a Co-dependents Anonymous meeting ( on Thursdays from 6-7pm starting December 2nd!
  • Important Upcoming Dates: 
    • November 10 & 11: FLOW Tree Delivery
    • November 11: North Central Region Town Hall. Info in chat & included in prayer email.
    • November 13: Tree Planting 9-12. RSVP w/ Rich, Please!
    • November 16: 7:30p “Jesus & John Wayne” Book Discussion. RSVP w/ Rich!
    • November 18: Governance Team Budget Meeting 7-9. Input? Email Rich or Lisa J.!
    • November 21: Byron Saunders Foundation Thanksgiving Donation Pick-up @ 12:30p.

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