September 26th Announcements

  • The Food Pantry area has gone through a major upgrade this week, with new flooring and cove! It’s comfortable, durable, water- and stain-proof and really, really looks great!
  • Smoky Row has a Search Team for our new pastor: Rudy B., Brenda C., Lisa G., Brenda D., Paul P., Phyllis P., & Gene C.! Pray for them in all sorts of ways!
  • Keep in mind the famous Hopkins quote, “Tis a fine, fine thing to install a fence post.” (jk. made up quote. Interested, though? Let Rich know!)
  • Upcoming Calendar Events: 
    • Oct. 2 @ 10a: Regional Church Multiplication Team
    • Oct. 5 @ 11a: Sawmill Interfaith @ Fellowship Lutheran
    • Oct. 7 @ 5:30-8:30p: Greater Columbus Growing Coalition

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