September 19th Announcements

  • Smoky Row needs a new regular accompanist. (Amy played for us roughly 3x/month.) Do you know of someone who might be interested? Let Rich or Jeff know. Thanks.
  • The Governance Team has begun the process of gathering a Search Committee together for our pastoral transition, and will be updating us regularly. At some point in the process EVERYONE will have opportunity to give input.
  • From our Treasurer’s Report: “The reports this month cover through August 2021. Giving in August was a total of $3,377 under the budgeted amount. Rental income year-to-date is $14,800…Expenses in August were $5,069 under budget [due to Property Insurance being paid in September]. This gives us a current budget deficit of $302 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $5,611.
  • Are you a big fan of installing fence posts? (Really?! You are? Wow. Well…great. Reach out to Rich, please.)

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