Update on Return to In-Person Gatherings

Smoky Row Brethren Church: Return To In-Person Gatherings
Guidelines For Adult Education and Worship Service
Sunday, July 4th, 2021 will mark Smoky Row’s formal return to in-person Sunday gatherings. To do this in a way that ensures the health and safety of all those in attendance, we’re asking that the guidelines below be followed. We recognize that these may feel restrictive or overly-cautious. However, it seems “good to the Spirit and to us” to stave off future regret through extra caution now. These guidelines will be revisited at our August 2021 Governance Team meeting. Please direct any questions you have about them
to Rich or Brenda.
• There will continue to be a Zoom alternative to our in-person gathering. We will work to ensure all participants have an equitable experience.
• We strongly encourage those who have compromised immune systems or who are unable to be vaccinated to participate through Zoom.
• Masks will be required throughout one’s time in the building. Physical space is encouraged. Individuals are welcome to remove masks when outside the building.
Worship Service Expectations:
• The worship area currently has enough space to accommodate six feet of physical distance between those individuals/groups we anticipate attending. We ask that participants choose their seats to maintain this space. Seating won’t be assigned. Tables in the back of the room are for families with children.
• Our initial in-person services will include music that can be enjoyed; however, we will not be singing together out loud while in the building.
• An offering will not be formally collected during the service. The “offering basket” will remain near the piano for those who want to utilize it. (smokyrow.org/donate-to-smoky-row/ continues to be an option for all.)
• We ask that conversations in the building be minimized and encourage all to have conversation outdoors when possible.
• We ask that people quickly exit the building when the service ends. (Note that West Side Assembly will be gathering immediately after us for worship.)
• We will not be serving refreshments on Sunday mornings.
• Individuals are welcome to bring coffee, tea, etc. from home and enjoy these from their seats during Sunday morning. When not drinking we again encourage participants to keep their masks in place.
Children & Youth:
• We will not initially provide nursery services.
• We anticipate that any child and youth programming concurrent with the worship service will happen outdoors as often as possible. Decisions regarding how to best facilitate such programming will be age/participant-dependent.

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