May 23rd Announcements

  • Our new roof is being installed through Wednesday! Thanks to all who have been able to pledge or donate to the roof fund. This is such a huge deal from a stewardship AND ministry perspective.
  • Camp Bethany has shared their 2021 Camping policies. Check them out at
  • From our Treasurer Report: “The reports this month cover through April 2021. Giving in April was a total of $1,147 under the budgeted amount. Rental income year-to-date is $7,400. Expenses in April were $2,276 under budget. This gives us a current budget deficit of $1,692 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $2,219.” (And thank you for your $13,250 for Roof Pledges, as well as your Special Donations to the Benevolence Fund, which have helped us keep pace with increased needs this year!)
  • We’re planning our July in-person open now! There’ll be a lot to share in the coming weeks about how this will look, but plan on an ease back into what we remember as “normal,” and pray for the logistics required to make things work well for us.

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