May 9th Announcements

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to tell someone who has revealed a motherly love to you just how special they are.
  • Thanks to those who stayed for our Governance Team election and for our Governance Team, too–thank you for your service to us and to the Lord!
  • Smoky Row! Guess what?!? In under two weeks your pledges/donations met our roof need! We’re moving forward with the roof! Think about how many hundreds of people a month move through our building, and how you’re helping as they stay fed, sober, close to Christ, and hopeful. Bless you. Your generosity is not unseen.
  • It’s National Women’s Health Week. Visit the FDA Office of Women’s Health for a bazillion free informational resources. How are you protecting your own health or the health of a woman in your life? How can Smoky Row help support you?

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