April 25th Announcements

  • On Wednesday May 19 at 8 pm you are invited to a Zoom reception with others who have been partners with Bob work with InterVarsity over the years. Hear a special update about his work with Emerging Scholars Network. Sign up at https://tinyurl.com/bobspartners
  • We’ll have a Congregational Meeting next Sunday, May 2, immediately after the service to approve and install our 2021-2022 Governance Team.
  • Need a copy of our Treasurer Report or Governance Team Minutes? Let Rich know!
  • Following a generous donor’s gift toward our roof replacement, Governance Team is asking that we all prayerfully consider if we can support the remaining $8,000 dollars of our $48,000 goal. We’ll collect pledges toward this $8,000 goal through May 2nd, with a goal of receiving those pledges by September 1st. If you can contribute toward this please share your pledge with Lisa J. Thanks!
  • Did you know today is Orthodox Easter? Millions of Christians will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection today, following the original calculations of Easter’s remembrance that were made in 325. Catholic and Protestant Christians celebrate Easter a little earlier, based on a trick of calendar changes and the decision that Easter didn’t need to fall after the Jewish holiday of Passover. There’s some Roman-Empire-splitting-into-two stuff in the mix, too. But…know that for a lot of Christians, today is Easter.

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