April 18th Announcements

  • As we look ahead to gathering together in person in July, PLEASE reach out with all your concerns, questions, ideas, and the like. Please pray for all the many tasks that need to happen in order for our return to be great!
  • On Wednesday May 19 at 8 pm you are invited to a Zoom reception with others who have been partners with Bob work with InterVarsity over the years. You’ll have a chance to meet other InterVarsity partners, some who you may not know, and hear a special update about his work with Emerging Scholars Network. Interested? Sign up at: https://tinyurl.com/bobspartners
  • It’s Earth Day! Our city makes it easy this time of year to steward the beautiful creation God has made. Check out the largest Earth Day event calendar in the country at www.earthdaycolumbus.org!
  • We’ll have a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 2 immediately after the service to approve and install our 2021-2022 Governance Team.
  • From our Treasurer Report: The reports this month cover through March 2021. Giving in March was a total of $5,396 under the budgeted amount. Rental income year-to-date is $5,550. Expenses in March were $1,081 over budget. This gives us a current budget deficit of $4,105 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $3,473. (Why did we “budget for a deficit” this month? That deficit number has to do with the way annual bills/costs come in–like insurance–versus how we budget for them, as well as the way certain invoices vary throughout the year.)

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