November 15th Announcements

  • There aren’t many non-utilized moments in our church building. Those who are using the space are distancing and disinfecting. (Think of it: We  now host four AA groups, three churches, two open Pantry times…and one amazing Lord overlooks it all.)
  • Today is our Bread and Cup Communion! If you need to take a moment to get bread and cup ready, please do.
  • Please take some time to evaluate how to budget your COVID exposure risk. Please Care for your mental health as well as your physical and spiritual during this time. Reach out to Rich for resources if you need them.
  • We will have some version of our Angel Tree for Christmas. Honestly, it may simply be a cash donation drive. More info TBD.
  • Consider any 2021 Budget thoughts/initiatives/numbers as soon as possible, and send these along to Governance Team. We meet this week to finalize the Budget.

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