October 25th Announcements

  • Did you know that Smoky Row is part of the North Central Region of The Brethren Church, and is served by the North Central Regional Leadership Team, which has included over time Brenda Colijn, Tracy Whiteside, and Rich Hagopian? Interested in serving, too? Let Rich or Brenda know.
  • A special thanks to Governance Team for their work in shepherding so much of the unseen work of being a congregation today.
  • The North Central Region is hosting a town hall-style gathering on November 2nd at 6:30 to talk about what God’s doing among Ohio congregations. https://www.brethrenchurch.org/north-central-region for more information.
  • From our Treasurer Report: Through September 2020 giving was under the budgeted amount by $1,485. This puts us at $5,390 below budgeted giving year-to-date. Expenses in September were under budget by $2,545. This gives us a current budget deficit of $5,045 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $11,698. (We are anticipating some additional giving that should make up for this shortfall in income.)

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