September 13th Announcements

  • September is a big month for Smoky Row. Gather outdoors with us from 8-12 on the 19th & 26th to revamp the Community Garden area, create a fire-pit, set-up rain barrels, and beautify our beloved-by-the-community place!
  • Spirit of Love, West Side Assembly, and AA are all using our Worship Area now. Pray for the safety and health of all those who are gathering in our building.
  • We’ll be walking through the book of Jeremiah soon. Until then we’ll look at an odd collection of texts, ideas, and the like.
  • Rich will be on vacation from the 20th through the 29th. If you have an emergency, feel free to call, but otherwise expect a delay in communication.
  • Consider reaching out to a student, parent, teacher or school staff-member to see if they have any special needs right now. Pray for those whose are navigating deeply unusual school years.
  • The news is full of crises. We know this. How are you protecting your health? Spiritual, mental, physical…if there are areas in your life that need supported, and you’re not sure how to help yourself, please reach out to someone who can offer support.

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