August 23rd Announcements

  • Tonight at 6pm we’ll have a brown-bag dinner at the Community Garden! Bring a chair if you can; we’ll have extras if you can’t. No RSVP necessary.
  • COVID fatigue is real; crises on top of crises are happening. Keep an eye on your soul. Reach out to Rich for mental health resources.
  • Interested in the August 27th 8:30p Quiet Service? Please RSVP today.
  • The end is near! (The end of our Revelation series, I mean.) Interested in seeing us walk through a different biblical book? Let Rich know your ideas.
  • From our Treasurer Report: “Giving in June and July was under the budgeted amount by $2,279 and $901, respectively. This puts us at $1,352 below budgeted giving year-to-date. Rental income totaled $11,950 year-to-date. Expenses in June and July were below budget by $2,054 and $823, respectively. This gives us a current budget surplus of $3,770 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $4,841. Praise God for his providence and for allowing so many to continue to give faithfully during this time!”

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