June 21st Announcements

  • Today is Father’s Day! Reach out to someone who has revealed to you the kind heart of your Father in Heaven.
  • Smoky Row will soon be hosting a 6pm, Thursday evening “Codependents Anonymous” group. The Sunday AA group we’ve been hosting will return to its regular Dublin location this week.
  • Through May, our financial giving was a total of $1,844 under the budgeted amount. Rental income totaled $8,250 year-to-date. This reflects one month of unpaid rent from Spirit of Love. Expenses in May were $1,746 below budget. This gives us a current budget surplus of $5,560 where we had budgeted for a deficit of $3,666. Want a full report? Reach out to Rich or Lisa Juday.
  • Governance Team met this week, and will have an update regarding in-person gathering by next Sunday.

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