May 24th Announcments

  • Our next Food Pantry drive-through pick-up will be on June 6th. Until then, we’ll continue with the model that we’ve been using and refrain from open hours on Wednesday or Saturday. We continue to serve many dozens of households a week, and this will keep our service sustainable.
  • If you weren’t able to take part in our 30 Days of Prayer effort, or lost the pdf that Rich sent but still would like a copy, please reach out and let Rich know. For those of you who took part, may the time have been one in which your faith and understanding were both built!
  • Rich is off this coming week. If you have pastoral needs, please reach out to Rudy. Office/Admin items? Check with Hannah Trube first. Thanks!
  • Continue to visit our Facebook page for updates about COVID-19, Smoky Row, our partners, and our communities.
  • On June 14th we’ll launch a new series revisiting Revelation, which we haven’t looked at for over a decade.
  • Consider reaching out to someone you talk/write/text/chat with and inviting them to our Worship Service sometime. Do you know someone who isn’t able to join with their congregation right now? Can ours temporarily fill some need in their lives?

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