May 17th Announcements

  • The Brethren Church is hosting “A Global Day of Prayer & Fasting” today, joining together congregations from all over the world. It’s not too late to take part in this in some way. Praying through the directory? The “30 Days of Prayer?” None of this can hurt you, and will certainly bless others.
  • Consider reaching out to someone you talk/write/text/chat with and inviting them to our Worship Service sometime. Do you know someone who isn’t able to join with their congregation right now? Can ours temporarily fill some need in their lives?
  • It’s time to consider our next preaching series. Rich is considering revisiting Revelation, a book we haven’t looked at since 2009. What do you think?
  • Rich will be taking vacation May 25 through June 1.
  • Governance Team will meet this week. Please let Rich or Brenda know if you have any agenda items. Thanks!

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