March 22nd Announcements

  • Many announcements, updates, and a daily video devotional are being posted on our Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked” the page, do sometime. Share helpful tips and valuable news. Please! (You’ll know of many that Rich won’t have heard of!)
  • Rich has the same availability that he’s always had. Reach out by phone, text, or email if you need anything.
  • The other congregations that use our building aren’t meeting in person for worship right now. The Food Pantry will be moving to an appointment model. Free Clinic isn’t meeting. AA & NA meetings have grown, as we’ve accommodated those groups that have temporarily lost their hosting places. (NA meetings alone have dropped from 83 hosting locations to only 12! Pray for them!)
  • Would you like to help lead worship next week? Let Paul Post know!
  • Stay in touch with one another. Reach out! If you’re lonely or feeling isolated, make the first move; someone will be glad you did.
  • Governance Team had a great video-conference on Friday. Treasurer Reports available if you want them. Look for an update from the Gov Team soon. If you want to donate online, go to

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