Important Updates for Smoky Row

After today’s worship service we made the decision to cancel our worship services and Sunday events for March 22nd and March 29th. We’ll discern what shape Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and our Easter Service may take. Life Groups will not be gathering this coming week (nor is it likely they’ll meet the week after, although the groups themselves will discern that).
We’ll navigate some tech options and provide at least a Message on the 22nd and the 29th, likely streamed live through Facebook. The website will continue to post messages for those who use that service. Giving online is an option for us if we’d like.
Throughout the next two weeks we’ll be sending an email on Wednesday as well as Sunday with prayer requests, brief announcements, and the like. Please share these by email, phone, or text with Rich so that they can be distributed out.
Our website and the Facebook page will be updated throughout the time with relevant information. Our building will be open and will be used by a number of community organizations.
All of this is, of course, done in order to minimize person-to-person contact and community spread of COVID-19. This means that we’ll need to be a community that reaches out through other ways in support, kindness, and prayerfor each other. Email each other. Send a text. Make a call. Give up that “Oh, I’m probably interrupting or bothering them” mentality. Reach out! This is so important.
If you have needs–whatever they might be–please share them with any of our pastors, so that we might find ways to meet them.
Be brave! Be wise! Be prayerful! God is with us, and for us. Consider how you might remember the poor around you, and share with each other your needs and service opportunities, so we can be blessed in both. Be the agent of Christ to the world you were made to be.

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