Smoky Row and the Coronavirus

As our community takes significant health measures to protect each other from transmission of the new coronavirus, we wanted to make certain things clear with regard to how Smoky Row intends to operate. Toward that end:
  • Our regular worship service and related Sunday-morning events will continue until further notice. However, anyone who is in a high-risk population or works/lives among high-risk populations and who desires to abstain from services on account of these reasons should feel free to do so.
    • Let any of Smoky Row’s pastors know about this, so that we can pray for you. If you have special needs–whatever those might be–please reach out so that we can ensure that they’re met.
    • We’ll make it very clear if this changes.
  • Smoky Row Brethren hosts a number of local organizations–Help My Neighbor, AA & NA Gatherings, Spirit of Love Ministries, West Side Assembly, the Linworth Free Clinic, Sedona Grace Foundation events, and on Tuesday, March 17th, will act as a Polling Place.
    • Please check in with your organization’s leadership with regard to whether or not your event(s) will be taking place.
  • Smoky Row Food Pantry will remain open during our regularly scheduled Pantry hoursAs of now, we will not be adjusting our practices. We do ask that any client or volunteer who is ill please refrain from coming to the Pantry. If you do self-quarantine for your health and the health of others, and are in need of food, please coordinate with us to consider how we might support that need. While our capacities are limited, we don’t want anyone to be hungry.
    • We will ask that you limit your physical interactions with others while in the building.
    • Sanitizer will be available. Please use this at sign in, and practice good hygiene while in the building.
  • For all who visit Smoky Row Brethren’s building and grounds, please act with best-practices:
    • Wash your hands often.
    • Refrain from touching your face and mouth.
  • We have set up lysol, lysol wipes, and sanitizer throughout the building. We ask that all of us who use the building work together to support the health of all. Toward that end,
    • Please designate a volunteer to disinfect all door and faucet handles, drinking fountain buttons, and cabinet knobs prior to leaving the building. Please return disinfectant to the storage caddy on the Lobby Table for the next organization to use.
  • Working together, we’ll ensure that our organizations can maintain healthy, thriving community lives as we work, serve, find help, and spiritually minister in the Smoky Row Brethren building.
  • Don’t be fearful, just be wise! Care for yourself and others! If you’re reading this, you know you’re a blessing to so many: Thank you for all you do to care for our wide community. God loves you!
Reach out if you have questions or concerns! ~Rich

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