October 20th Announcements & Events

  • We have NO NURSERY for today, the 27th, and Nov 3rd. If you’d like to volunteer, let rich know. No kids? Embrace the noise, emotion, and company of the little ones that Jesus so deeply loves! A parent? Don’t worry: Kids make noise, we get it, and it’s cool.
  • Have you peeked in the nursery? In memory of Mary Lue, Jeff’s mom, Jeff and Tracy have revamped our nursery: bringing in great new toys, cleaning up others we’ve kept, and transitioning out older and age-inappropriate ones. So wonderful! Check it out!
  • Special Thanks to our Governance Team and to those who participated in our Property Care Day. You bless us in unnoticed ways. For those who were here for Communion: We hope you sensed God’s fellowship as you gathered together.
  • Missed the Property Care Day? There’s a list on the lobby table of needs that can still be met!
  • Would you like to promote the Afghan raffle? Full-color fliers are in the lobby. Take one and spread the word. If you have a group that might be interested in purchasing raffle tickets, too, then let Rich or Gene know so we can help coordinate that.
Today – Westside Assembly 9a-1p
Today – Adult Christian Ed. Class 9:30a
Wed 23 – K&C Life Group 10a SRBC
Wed 23 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 4-6p
Wed 23 – AA Gathering 7-8:30p (Fellowship Area)
Wed 23 – Life Group @ Judays’ 7:30p
Thurs 24 – Open Garden Time 6-9p
Thurs 24 – Leadership Worthington Trivia Night @ Random Precision
Sat 26 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 7-10:30a
Sat 26 – Spirit of Love Church 4-9p
Nov 2 – “Spirit of Love” Ministries Marriage Conference 9a-1p
Nov 5 – SRBC as Polling Place

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