April 7th Announcements & Events

  • A multi-church, community-centered Easter Egg Scramble is being planned at Highlands Pres. on Holy Saturday (the Saturday before Easter). Volunteers are welcome and needed! Today after the service we’ll stuff eggs for this event. We WON’T be having the small Easter Egg Scramble we’ve had in the past after our Easter Service. If this means your child won’t receive any candy, please talk to Rich.
  • Plan now for our Easter Sunday breakfast potluck at 9:30. What can you bring? If it’s only yourself or your family, that’s great!
  • Please sign up for Palm Sunday Communion and turn in your Easter Lily order forms today if you can; payment next week is okay!
  • Continue to bring in your “My Comfy Kits” Donations!
  • Our Community Garden was awarded $1000 from Franklin County Community Gardens! We’ve also been awarded a total of 40 bags of soil amendments, which we’ll need to pick up on April 12th at Franklin Park Conservatory. We’ll have a truck, but will need help loading/unloading.
  • Good Friday Service Choir Rehearsals will be Thursday April 11th from 7-8p, and Friday the 19th (Good Friday) at 6:30p.
  • Would anyone be willing to wash dirty kitchen towels once or twice in April & May? If so, let Rich know.
Today – Westside Assembly 9a-1p
Today – Adult Christian Ed. Class 9:30a
Today – FMF Buddy Box Event @ Worthington Mall 1-3p
Today – Life Group @ Whitesides’ 6p
T,W,TH – Spielgruppe 9a-12p
Wed 10 – K&C Life Group 10a SRBC
Wed 10 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 4-6p
Wed 10 – AA Gathering 7-8:30p (Fellowship Area)
Wed 10 – Life Group @ Posts’ 7:30p
Fri 12 – Garden Grant Award Pick Up 8:30a
Sat 13 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 7-10:30a
Sat 13 – Spirit of Love Church 3-9p
April 14 – Palm Sunday Communion Service 5p
April 19 – Joint Good Friday Service @ Highlands Pres. 7:30p
April 20 – Easter Egg Scramble @ Highlands Pres. 2-4p
April 21 – Smoky Row Easter Breakfast Potluck @ 9:30a

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