February 10th Announcements & Events

  • Take a moment to appreciate that the church roof was fixed this past week! No more leaks! We’ll work on painting around the vent soon.
  • Last week was the launch of our new walk through the book of Acts! Outlines and a preaching map are in the lobby. If you missed last week, take a listen to the Introduction Message.
  • This year’s Good Friday service will be hosted by Highlands Presbyterian. If you’re interested in being part of a five-congregation community choir, with just two convenient practices required, please let Rich know.
  • Check the Lobby for our 2018 Treasurer Report.
  • Thank you for your RLT votes. Taken together, we nominated Brenda Colijn, John Swope, and the uncontested Mickey Shook to the North Central Region Leadership Team.
  • “Spirit of Love” is now using our space Saturday nights for their worship service. We continue to host West Side Assembly every Sunday. Consider praying for these congregations who benefit from your stewardship, even as they bless us as tenants.
  • Food Pantry numbers for the year: At Smoky Row Food Pantry = 8,498 visits; HMN Daily Distributions = 3269; Total = 11,767.
Today – Westside Assembly 9a-1p
Today – Adult Christian Ed. Class 9:30a
Today – Life Group @ Whitesides’ 6p
T,W,TH – Spielgruppe 9a-12p
Wed 13 – K&C Life Group 10a SRBC
Wed 13 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 4-6p
Wed 13 – AA Gathering 7-8:30p (Fellowship Area)
Wed 13 – Life Group @ Posts’ 7:30p
Sat 16 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 7-10:30a
Sat 16 – Spirit of Love Church 3-9p
Sat 16 – Spirit of Love Marriage Conference 9a-1p
Feb 21 – Governance Team Meeting 7p SRBC
Feb 24 – Child Dedication Sunday (Tent.)

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