June 10th Announcements & Events

  • At our Congregational Meeting we elected our new Governance Team for the coming year. Take a moment to thank those who have been a part of our Team this past year: Shirley, Rachel, Paul P., Jeff, Matt B., Lisa J., Hannah, Rudy, Brenda, and Rich. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us bless each other & our community!
  • June is a “No Children’s Church” month. There will be a little more movement and noise during the service. Embrace it as a reminder of the truth that we’re all children of God!
  • Moving into 2019 we’ll have 5 teachers for 104 Children’s Church classes. This isn’t viable, and we’ll be revisiting how to structure this ministry in a better way. As we move forward into the second part of 2018, we’re going with a single group class, divided as needed depending on attendance, with a main teacher and a back up. Questions? Reach out to Rich.
  • Bring any Food Pantry Yard Sale donations Wednesday 6/20 from 1-6 or Thursday 6/21 from 9-3. Volunteers are needed Wednesday and Thursday to sort and price. Sign up on www.smokyrowfoodpantry.org to volunteer. Also, please bring in your extra plastic bags for the Pantry. Thanks!
  • Meals for Bob & Marilyn would be a great blessing this week if you’re able to provide one. Please touch base with Bob directly if you can help!
  • We’ve just started a new Adult Education class: A walk through Genesis. It’s a book that’s beautiful, weird, confusing, and challenging all at the same time. Join us any Sunday at 9:30. Reach out to Rich if you have any questions.
  • We’re actively praying for another tenant for our building. Pray with us, and share with anyone you know who you think may “fit” with what Smoky Row is about.
  • Are you interested in being Smoky Row’s “Camp Ambassador” for Camp Bethany? Ask Charlie or Lisa G. for more information.
Life Groups On Break June, July, August
German Playgroup On Break June & July
Today – Children In Service
Today – Westside Assembly 9a-1p
Today – Adult Christian Ed. Class 9:30a
Today – Hosting Agora Church Group 5p
Today – Hosting GCGC 6pm
Wed 13 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 4-6p
Wed 13 – AA Gathering 7-8:30p (Fellowship Area)
Fri 15 – Westside Assembly 7p
Sat 16 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 7-10:30a
Sat 16 – Spring Oil Change Event (Discover CC) 9a-12p
Sat 16 – Property Care Day 9a-12p
June 21 – Governance Team Meeting 7p
June 22 & 23 – Help My Neighbor Yard Sale 8a-4p
July 9-13 – Smoky Row VBS 6-7:30p

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