September 17th Announcements & Events

  • Guess what!? You can Give Online to Smoky Row Brethren Church now. Tell your friends about it. Post it to social media all you want! ; )
  • Next week is our Membership Renewal Service! Look at today’s bulletin insert for a reminder of what this means for all of us.
  • Did you miss the Life Group Feedback form that was in the bulletin a couple of weeks ago? If you did, but have Life Group-related Ideas, pull Rich (or your Life Group leader!) aside to talk about them. Groups start this month!
  • If you’ve made a pledge to the Parking Lot or Ark fixes, feel free to turn those in as soon as you’re able! Thanks!
  • Our Governance Team Budget Meeting is Oct. 19th. Please share any budget needs/suggestions/feedback before then.
  • A “Preaching Map” for our new message series on the Minor Prophets, starting today, is posted in the lobby on the “Brethren Church” board.
  • Our next Child Dedication will happen on October 22nd. If you’re interested in learning more about this special time, reach out to Rich.
Today – Ensemble Rehearsal 8:45a
Today – Adult Christian Ed. Class 9:30a
Today – Cruisin’ for a Cause @ Discover Christian 12p
Today – Hosting Agora Church Group 5p
Today – Hosting Romanian Church Plant 8:30p
Wed 20 – K&C Life Group 10a (SRBC)
Wed 20 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 4-6p
Wed 20 – Women’s Way 12 Step Program 7-8p (Conference Room)
Wed 20 – AA Gathering 7-8:30p (Fellowship Area)
Wed 20 – Life Group @ Posts’ 7:30p
Thurs 21 – Governance Team Meeting 7p
Thurs 21 – Hosting Romanian Church Plant 8:30p
Thurs 21-Sat 23 – Parking Lot Cement Work
Fri 22 – Providing OSU InterVarsity Grad Meal
Sat 23 – Smoky Row Food Pantry 7-10:30a
Sept 24 – Membership Renewal Sunday
Sept 26 – Hosting Free Medical Clinic 6p

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