February 19th Announcements

  • FYI: We’re waiting on a delivery of “Our Daily Bread” devotionals, for those who have asked; they’ll be here soon.
  • We are looking for a family who can host our (potential!) summer intern, Olivia Hess, for about 8 weeks (think May and June). The sooner we have an “I can do it!” the better. A small stipend accompanies the hosting responsibility. Let Rich or Hannah know if you’re interested.
  • As The Brethren Church restructures itself, we’re developing a Regional Leadership Team for Ohio, made up of Ordained and Lay (non-ordained) leaders. Would you have any interest being nominated for a spot on this leadership team? Nominations aren’t guaranteed (we’re hoping for a slate of 7 for 4 spots), but the first Regional Leadership Team will have a neat opportunity to shape the culture of this group for many years. Rich is likely serving on this as well, so you can hang out if you’re elected. (If that’s a deterrent, it’s probably time to talk with him and clear the air…) Talk to Rich if you’re interested.
  • Parents! We are hoping to update the pictures of your beautiful children on our Children’s Church bulletin board. Please bring in new photos as soon as you’re able and give them to Hannah or Rich. Thanks!

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