October 30th Announcements

  • We’ll be starting a cool new thing this month, a last-Sunday-of-the-month (Today!) class for those who’ve aged-out of Children’s Church. Think of it as a pre youth-group. Pretty exciting!
  • Smoky Row is going to be a really, really busy place on November 8th. We could use as many cookies as we can get to help bless our (probably many) neighbors who will come to vote in our building.
  • Please let the Governance Team know about all 2017 budget needs and calendar suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • In December we won’t be having children’s church classes; instead, our kiddos will prepare for a presentation on December 18th. Why the 18th? We won’t be having our worship service on Christmas Day, but encouraging people to gather with their families or friends that morning and remember, as they celebrate, Christ’s birth.

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