Update from General Conference

Dear pastors and leaders,

We have had a great summer and are now following up with you to help you and your congregations find the resources needed to understand how things are progressing in The Brethren Church.
At the 2016 General Conference, we had three significant conversations that are changing some of the documents and practices we have traditionally held in The Brethren Church. What follows are short descriptions for these changes and how to access resources you will need to understand these changes in full.
Midlevel Reorganization – At conference this year our delegates voted to accept a new version of the Manual of Procedure that formally reorganizes the district structure of The Brethren Church. To get a copy of the 2016 Manual of Procedure or information you might need to understand or help with the reorganization process please access our Midlevel Reorganization page on The Brethren Church website.


2017 Budget – Another important conversation from the General Conference is the 2017 Budget and the new funding model that was passed by the General Conference.  As a part of the 2017 Budget, the delegates voted to amend our suggested funding model. In short, we have asked the churches to increase their giving by 2%; from 10% to 12%. This suggested increase would come from the dollars churches give to their districts as their districts transition from districts to regions. Also, we will direct your Ashland University and Ashland Theological Seminary gifts to designated accounts at each school that benefit Brethren students and ministries.

All of these reports plus videos that help explain our budgeting process can be found on our website.

Social Issues Statement – Finally, the delegates at the 2016 General Conference voted to table the adoption of the new Social Issues statement until next year and has asked that each church study the statement and be ready for discussion at next year’s conference.

You can find a copy of the amended document on our website.


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