April 10th Announcements

  • We hope that those who were able to take part in our Spring Threefold Communion were blessed by it. In Fall we’ll do this during our regular time of worship.
  • If you’re interested in carpooling with Rich to Ohio District Conference in Dayton, please let him know today!
  • Our intern this summer will be Lydia Smith, a Junior at Ashland University. She’ll begin her internship May 29th and conclude it the week of General Conference, July 18th.
  • May 28th is our Spring Property Care day, and it will be an important one! Please take time now to plan on joining us and caring for this great resource we’ve been given for the good of so many.
  • Copies of the Matthew “Preaching Map” and Outline are available on the lobby “Brethren Church” bulletin board.
  • Take a moment to check out the Easter pictures in the library area created by Children’s Church.

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