Intentional Christian Hospitality
In the life of the Church, there are seasons of outward focus, outward expressions of God’s love, and also seasons and habits of self-care, when the Church needs to nurture and support its members. This is as true for Smoky Row as it is for any other local congregation.
We open our lives to others, seeking opportunities to provide for their care and safety, just as Christ first sought us. In the same ways that Christ still pursues us, we pursue the total well-being of one another.
As a special ministry area of Smoky Row, so many things we do fall into this category: PotlucksPrayer ChainsHosting Guests, providing Meals & Visitation to those who are sick or stuck at home for any reason. Little things—like birthday or anniversary cards—can make such a difference in the life of a person. We’re doing what we can to mimic the loving hospitality God has shown us, and share it with one another.

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