2018 Master Calendar

January 7: Child Dedication Service
January 13-15: Camp Bethany Winter Camp
January 18: Governance Team Meeting
February 15: Governance Team Meeting
February 18: Bread & Cup Communion
My Comfy Kit Supplies Drive
March 4: Spring Christian Ed. Quarter Begins
March 15: Governance Team Meeting
March 17: Indoor Property Care Day
March 30: Joint Good Friday Service Location TBD
April 1: Easter Sunday
April 15: Threefold Communion 5p
April 19: Governance Team Meeting
Community Garden Opens
Membership Seminar Month
May 8: Election Polling Place
May 17: Governance Team Meeting
May 20: Spring Congregational Meeting
May 26: Spring Property Care Day
Life Groups on Summer Break
June 1-3: Adult Retreat (Camp Bethany)
June 4: Summer Christian Ed. Quarter Begins
June 8-10: Mini Camp (Bethany)
June 10-16: Sr. High Camp (Bethany)
June 21: Governance Team Meeting
June 17-23: Elementary Camp (Bethany)
June 24-30: Middler Camp (Bethany)
School Supply Drive
Life Groups on Summer Break
VBS – Date TBD
July 1-7: Jr. High Camp (Bethany)
July 5: Hosting Greater Columbus Growing Coalition Meeting
July 9: Bread & Cup Communion
July 16-20: General Conference (Ashland)
July 22: School Supplies Due
Pet Food Drive for Sedona Grace
Life Groups on Summer Break
Hosting Genealogical Society Event
August 16: Governance Team Meeting
August 31-Sept 2: Family Camp (Bethany)
Life Groups Relaunch
Membership Renewal Month
September 2: Fall Christian Ed. Qtr. Begins
September 9: 25¢ for 1/4: World Relief
September 20: Governance Team Meeting
September 23: Membership Sunday
Community Garden Closes
Brookside Oil Change Event
October 7: In-Service Threefold Communion
October 13: Fall Property Care Day
October 14: Budget / Calendar Items Due
October 18: Governance Team Meeting
Food Pantry/Thanksgiving Drives
World Relief Sunday Month
November 6: Election Polling Place
November 15: Governance Team Meeting
November 18: World Relief Sunday
November 25: Winter Christian Ed. Qtr. Begins
Pantry Angel Tree Drive
Brookside/Christmas Drives
December 2: First Sunday in Advent
December 9: 2nd Sunday in Advent
December 9: Angel Tree Gifts Due
December 9: Winter Congregational Meeting
December 16: 3rd Sunday in Advent
December 16: Cookie Swap
December 23: 4th Sunday in Advent
December 24: Christmas Eve Service

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